Amy Young is a very skilled acupuncturist and caring and conscientious. Her micro needling treatments are fantastic. I highly recommend her!

Tracy, T

Johnny Howell-acupuncturist is the BEST in the valley. His skills and attention are bar none. The reception area is welcoming and calm and the staff is truly focused on well being.

April, B

Fab all the way! Dr. Johnny and the the whole staff make it a very healthy, happy and wonderful experience.

Michelle, H


" I get treatments from Johnny Howell, and ALWAYS feel better afterwards! His Acupuncture rocks!"

Leonard, B

"Every time I arrive at All Mountain Sports Acupuncture I feel as though I am among friends who are like family. My health and well being are treated as importantly by the providers and staff as they are to me. My personal journey to better health has been greatly influenced through the support I have received here and I am deeply grateful for healing, serenity, and generosity I have experienced."

Jenelle, O

"Johnny is the most knowledgeable acupuncture specialist I have worked with over the past 16 years. Johnny is caring and friendly. I had a total hip replacement 6 months ago and with the help of his treatments I am back into exercising with less stiffness and pain.  My body, mind and soul are becoming stronger and happier each day."


"After just one treatment with Johnny the back pain and Numbness that I have endured for over 5 years is practically gone. I can't hardly wait for the next appointment so that i can get back to being 100%."


"Ever since, I have been seeing Johnny Howell for neck pain that I have endured for the last fifteen years, my pain has subsided tremendously. His "straight forward" and subtle approach was comforting. Not only did he help me with my pain, but showed me postural exercises, enabling me to take much of the healing into my own hands. I have seen many specialists ranging from physical therapists, chiropractors, and massage therapists, I have never experienced quicker, longer lasting results than that of Johnny Howell." 

 Maltese, G

"As a Vail local chef, I am on my feet and working 14 (plus) hours a day, six days a week. When I am not working, I enjoy running and keeping in shape. Acupuncture is just what I need to relieve my aches, pains, and stress to help me keep up with my busy and active lifestyle. Johnny's combination of Acupuncture and therapeutic massage have lasting effects. Johnny is excited about each individual treatment and personalizes your needs, so you get maximum results.
If you have ever been curious about acupuncture, Johnny is a great person, and will not only treat you, but will educate you about the practice and effects of acupuncture, as well as give you exercises and advice to better yourself after your treatment."

Kornfield, S

"Once again I had a beneficial and pleasant acupuncture session with Johnny. For the first time in many weeks I have slept through the night without joint pain and nasal congestion keeping me awake. I am always amazed at how much better I feel after these sessions. Johnny's presence is a healing factor in itself, I believe. He's extraordinary."

Carol, L

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