Acupuncture - 
We specialize in a variety of styles of acupuncture to suit the needs of our patients.  Our team combines muscle trigger point needling (a.k.a. dry needling) with traditional Chinese acupuncture/meridian theory.  Most of our appointments are 80 minutes in length. Our practitioner we have a conversation with you in regards to your  physical and mental concerns. Most treatments include front and back acupuncture, massage, and customization for your individual needs.   This, coupled with other adjunct therapies such as cupping, kinesio taping,  posture exercises and nutritional counseling provide you with a one of a kind, healing experience to quickly treat your injuries. Full body treatment price is $180 for 80 minutes. $140 for 50 minutes.
Microneedling/CIT (Collagen Induction Therapy)
An acupuncture type of therapy, originating in China, creates a micro-trauma in the dermis layer of the skin.  The micro-trauma triggers the bodies natural healing process, producing new collagen and elastin.  The result is improved skin texture, and laxity and a reduction in the appearance of wrinkles, stretch marks, and acne scars.  This allows for Hyaluronic Acid or other serums to be driven deep into the dermis, increasing the skins nutrients up to 3000%.  Treatments are $240 for full face.  Packages are available please ask for details.  

Therapeutic Massage

  Experience the therapeutic effects from increased circulation to enhance muscle function. Concentrating on overly stressed, tight and problematic areas by breaking down knots and aiding in recovery.   Our treatments are  $140 for 80 minutes and $100 for 50 minutes.

Organic Facials

With precise customization,  specific Emenice products are selected just for you. This results-focused restorative facial was built and created for all skin types. Our skincare professional will perform a variety of techniques guaranteeing to leave your skin feeling soft, extremely hydrated and with a beautiful glow.  Treatment price is $140 for 80 minutes.


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